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Phone tracking is an effective strategy to silently monitor information about the cell phone or tablet activities of your children or employees. If you think your employees or children are not using their mobile devices appropriately, then mSpy is the best solution for you. This mSpy review outlines the main features, new features such…

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mSpy is a powerful, comprehensive and flexible mobile phone monitoring solutions that fits on everyone's needs and budget. mSpy is worth every penny you will spend!

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Phone tracking is an effective strategy to silently monitor information about the cell phone or tablet activities of your children or employees. If you think your employees or children are not using their mobile devices appropriately, then mSpy is the best solution for you. This mSpy review outlines the main features, new features such as mobile keylogger and benefits of using the application. This review also aims to provide you with easy information on how mSpy works and why you should use it to get results.

mSpy is an application used on cell phones and downloaded through the mobile browser for direct installation. Once you install it, it is no longer detectable and starts recording and uploading data to an online account where the installer can log and get all the information.

mSpy Product Features

Call History Logs
mSpy provides a chronological log of outgoing and incoming calls. It will provide you with call details such as time of the call, duration, number of calls made and the device number or a contact’s name provided it is saved in the device’s address book. Bullying or leaking company’s information are just a few scenarios when this feature comes in handy. All call logs are neatly organized into your Control Panel and you can access them anytime.

Incoming Calls Restriction
mSpy application allows you to block specific numbers from calling the target device. You can block or restrict calls from unlimited numbers and you can all do this remotely via your Control Panel. Sometimes your child may be hanging out with the wrong crowd, or your employee may be spending too much time talking to competitors behind your back. mSpy gives you an opportunity to put a stop to this.

SMS Tracker
mSpy tracks and records contents of all the SMS sent to and from the phone. Even if the messages are deleted from the phone, you can still have access to them. You will also be able to tell the numbers that sent or received the messages from the phone you are spying.

Online Activities Monitoring
All the internet activities like URLs of websites visited, website bookmarks, emails, chats and social media activities can easily be tracked by mSpy software. You can also read chat messages on social networks like Facebook.

A new application on this feature is the phone keylogger that makes it possible to get login details. The keylogger is different for different phones, for example, if the mobile is iPhone or Android, it uses iPhone keylogger or Android keylogger respectively. The keylogging feature will let you read everything on the mobile device you are monitoring. You can see all keyboard strokes made on the target phone and view the logs remotely from your Control Panel.

Read Instant Messages
Use this feature to record activities from Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, and Viber messaging services used on the target phone. Supervise Social Network chats and learn how often and what the target phone user is texting about.

GPS Location Tracking
This feature of mSpy utilizes Google Maps to tell with utmost precision the location of the person being spied. You can even track the movement from one location to the next in real time from anywhere using an internet enabled device.

View Videos and Photos
One of the interesting features of mSpy is the ability to access all photos and videos stored on the phone. You just have to log on the spy program and navigate to the section view videos and photos.

Control Apps and Programs
Determine what apps and programs the target phone can access. Make sure no inappropriate activity is going on. See any type of apps installed (games, social apps, etc.) and manage what the user can or cannot access.

Remote Control
With smartphones being often lost or stolen, information theft is getting quite common. By remotely erasing your target phone data or locking the device, you make sure personal data does not fall into the wrong hands. mSpy allows you to remotely activate a lock/unlock command or wipeout command on the target device through your control panel. In addition to monitoring all the activities taking place on the target device, mSpy also allows you to see additional information about the smartphone or a tablet.

Mobile Device Analysis
You can set up this cell phone tracking software to generate detailed reports on the target phone use. Use this feature if you need to control and track many cell phones at once. mSpy allows you to generate comprehensive reports based on different scenarios. You can create the reports by device, user or group of users, activity or time period. You can then export the reports into XLS, CSV or PDF files.

Uses and Benefits of mSpy

Protect Children from Cyber Crimes
The program is also used for monitoring how children are using their mobile phones. This is especially useful for teenagers to locate where they are, tell who they have been with and even the surrounding. It is used by parents to help them getting into conflict with law.

Monitor Employees
Employers can also track their employees using mSpy. Some employees who like stealing their employers’ time and even cheat where they are can easily be identified. You can even use android keylogger to capture login information they frequently use in case of fraud. This is a sure way of telling dishonest employees before layoffs or disciplinary actions.

Our Conclusion of mSpy

mSpy is the surest way to know the truth and track employees and even monitor children. The cell phone software has been developed with modern tools for utmost effectiveness and you will not be detected. Get the software now to be sure you know the people close to you.

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  1. Does mSpy work globally with any mobile network provider?

    • mSpy tracking software works regardless of the cellular carrier network or the location of the target device. It only requires internet connection to transfer data to your personal mSpy account. That means that mSpy will work wherever you may be in the globe.

      • Can one license be used on both an Android phone or Tablet and also on a mac notebook computer or I need to pay for two licenses?

        • With a Basic or Premium mSpy subscription, you can track only one device. However, you can change the monitored device as many times as you want without any additional fees by uninstalling from one device and installing on another. To be able to track multiple devices, you need to purchase a separate mSpy subscription for each device. If you need to track numerous devices, select Business subscription in which you can monitor 5 devices under one account.


    do i have to jailbreak an iphone in order to monitor it or can i monitor it without jailbreak?

    • Hello. Currently, mSpy offers monitoring software for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. If you do not wish to jailbreak a device in order that it may be monitored, you may purchase mSpy Without Jailbreak at Checkout. But for access to mSpy’s full range of monitoring features, it is required that iOS devices be jailbroken. Once the device is jailbroken, the Cydia icon will appear on the home screen.

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