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Highster Mobile Review

Highster Mobile is an extremely powerful tracking app and a spy mobile SMS tracker software that gives users the ability to monitor a targeted phone in various different ways. Recently, I was very lucky to lay my hands on a working copy of the latest version of Highster Mobile cell phone spy software…

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If you need to a comprehensive and reliable but inexpensive mobile tracking software to monitor on your child and employees, then Highster Mobile software is definitely for you.

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Highster Mobile is an extremely powerful tracking app and a spy mobile SMS tracker software that gives users the ability to monitor a targeted phone in various different ways. Recently, I was very lucky to lay my hands on a working copy of the latest version of Highster Mobile cell phone spy software to evaluate and see what it could do. Straightaway, I’ll share with you what I have discovered about this amazing software Highster Mobile. I’d like to be honest, so what I am giving you at this moment is what I have gathered from personal experience with this product.

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Firstly, right from the box, I could see that this software was better than the previous versions of Highster Mobile. Even though the previous versions of Highster Mobile were able to get the job done, sometimes they proved to be a bit ”buggy” and unreliable. Thanks to the rapidly expanding technology – those bugs are now a thing of the past with Highster Mobile Pro.

Of course, like anyone else would, I started with the spy mobile SMS tracker or the text message module which is the most popular module in this app. I installed the software in 3 different phones. I used an iPhone, a Blackberry and an Android operated phone. As a matter of fact, the process was straightforward, it only took 1 or 2 minutes at most to download and install the app into the respective phones. To initiate the process, I entered a link into each phone browser and entered a license key which I received in my mail box. Then I restarted my 3 phones and that was it! A very simple process that even a 5 year old child could have done it without much struggle.

Then I went straight to my computer to set up my web account. I entered both my username and password, plus my phones’ make and model. I was done in 5 minutes flat!

Highster Mobile Features

Text Messages Logging / SMS Tracker

I tested my work afterwards. The 3 phones performed equally smart. I sent the text to and from the targeted phone and it instantly uploaded an exact copy of the texts into my web account. The details of the text messages were right there, intact. Every detail was there, neatly arranged in my web account.

Call Logs

The next feature of Highster Mobile I tested was the Call Logging function together with one of my staff. I made a call in each of the 3 cell phones in different locations and condition. After the calls I made I checked the email I configured when I installed the  Highster Mobile software,  I see that all conversations were sent there. I also check my Highster Mobile web account and the call I made and the sample call I received were all captured with valuable information are logged such as the date, time and duration of the call, phone number dialed and received with the contact name stored on the phone. The call logs were also sent on my email and the phone number I designated. And unlike most other similar applications in the market, Highster Mobile is capable of retrieving call logs that have been deleted.

GPS Tracking

I enabled the GPS of the target phone to test the GPS tracking capability of Highster Mobile. As the target phone moves, I was able to keep track of the location of each phone within 2 to 5 minutes of actual movement. I was then able to view the location of the target phone in real-time on the report log on my web account. In fact, I can monitor GPS location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All locations are displayed in real-time on a REAL map!

Stealth Camera

Highster Mobile’s Stealth Camera is one of its most popular features and so I’ve got to try it. I asked my 3 staffs to bring along the mobile phones where I installed Highster Mobile so we can put this feature to the test. All I did was to initiate the camera from my Control Panel and then the app started taking images and taking pictures of the surroundings. I then viewed these pictures online and to the phone I’m using to see if it worked. And not only that, I can also save these images on my computer, USB flash drive, DVD, and many other devices.!

Other Features of Highster Mobile Software

  1. Picture Viewing
  2. Video Viewing
  3. Email Logging
  4. Browse History
  5. Social Network Log
  6. iMessages Tracking
  7. Contacts Monitoring
  8. Stealth Camera
  9. Remote Uninstall
  10. Live Control Panel

Uses of Highster Mobile

This Highster Mobile review lets you know why you need the software so that you can make an informed decision when buying your ultimate cell phone spy software or parental control software for that matter.

Parental Control

First though, there are parents who worry each day about their kids when they are away from home. Obviously, when your child hits the teen age years, they tend to stay away from home most of the time. Either they are at school or hanging with friends at a birthday party. Tracking them with Highster Mobile to know where they are and what they are doing at any given time is therefore essential.

Employee Monitoring

You can also prevent data leak and inappropriate employee behaviors and monitor employee productivity using Highster Mobile. Businesses today rely on mobile technology for their employees more than ever before. This leaves room for low productivity caused by employees performing personal tasks on mobile phones when they should be working. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be a constant distraction for those who feel they must stay tuned in to their favorite interests and be available at all times to communicate with family and friends. Highster Mobile cell phone spy software helps employers keep mobile phone usage in check during business hours.


If you need to monitor your child or employees, then you definitely need Highster Mobile software to help you get the job done. After all, even if you accuse them after monitoring their phone activities, you’ll have a basis in which to place your arguments. The best thing about Highster Mobile is that it’s compatible with almost all variety of mobile phones and unlike other mobile tracking services it has no monthly fee. So stop worrying and get yours today.

Parental controls on mobile devices

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  1. Do I need physical access to install Highster Mobile?

    • Hi Ric. Just like all available mobile monitoring software, you need to have possession of the target phone for 3-5 minutes to install Highster Mobile application. I assure you though that installation is fast and easy, and it only requires that you type a link into the web browsers address bar.The application will then automatically download, and you just enter the email address or cell phone number to which you want the information sent and you are done!

  2. i have highster mobile. the logs are being deleted and no one has access to my account
    my spouse did turn off wifi on phone because he assumed i was tracking him
    but why are logs now being deleted?

    • hello zee. the logs before the wi-fi has been turned off should still be on your control panel. however, all activities that highster can log will not be tracked from the the time wi-fi has been turned off.

  3. I personally experienced very pathetic support from these guys. For everything they just ask my device details and unique and stop reposnding. Again the fresh day, If I raise another ticket, a new person will be assigned and take the same details and stop responding. It’s been 1 month almost 30 days, one mail per day atleast.

    Now, it’s one month and so clever people don’t even refund my money. So finally, I don’t use and got cheated.

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